Daily Cheek Check

Welcome Back, The Break Is Over

Welcome Back, The Break Is Over

I know it’s been awhile since updates have been on deck. But fuck it, we back and moving this ship forward with dopeness! The model in the photo is Sinclaire Sterling [sterlingsea.tumblr.com]. This is a chick I found on tumblr with a nice frame who is not afraid to share the goodness. I highly recommend checking her out. She’s is on IG [@sinclairesterling] as well and I’m going to recommend that too. Be easy and […]

Cosplay Chun Li Is Hella Thick And I Want To See Up Her Skirt

Daily Cheeks for June 24th

Well damn, for as long as I have been Street Fighter I’ve neve seen a Chun Li so thick and lovely. Of course this is cosplay and I’ve been following a nice blog on tumblr that showcases some sexy ass black chicks dressed in some of my favorite gaming characters. What I really want you take from this post is how thick those thighs are, oh my goodness. I want to see what’s under her […]

Time To Freshen Up, It’s A New Week

Time To Freshen Up, It's A New Week

It’s Monday and time to get that ball rolling with something real fly and sexy. There are some goals to be accomplished, work to be done and chicks to slay. It’s Monday. track: Blossom Dearie – Thou Swell

Put Her To Sleep, It’s The Beginning Of The Week

Daily Cheeks Check for June 3rd

Kicking this week off on a good note. Warm weather and fresh new photos and videos for your screen. Make sure to fuck with us on Facebook and hit the like button. We’re taking photo submissions for the Daily Cheeks Check so make sure to send those certified photos our direction. Be easy and travel light. track: Smif N Wessun – Bucktown

The Layover: The Wallabee King Feasts On Pink Cookies

Daily Cheeks for may 31st

The weekend is here and that is a beautiful thing. This photo right here is fucking awesome! Don’t know what else to say about it. The angle is perfect and those madagascar titties look yummy. Enjoy the weekend and get a lap dance or two. track: Ghostface – Daytona 500

Keep The Vibes Positive And Watch The Enjoy Derriere

Daily Cheeks Check for May 30th

Keep the mood positive because negative energy never creates anything worthwhile. I prefer long term success over short gains. It’s muthafuckin Thursday fam, be easy. track: DJ Ezasscul – Steady Vibes