Daily Cheek Check

Ghetto Bitches In The Neighborhood

Daily Cheeks Check for May 28th

Yo, usually I’m the type of cat the prefers to see the glass half full and find the positive in life. Because negative energy never gets you far and nothing is accomplished from it. But yoooo, I live next to some muthafuckers that are hella ghetto trash. Now I like fucking ghetto bitches but living next to them is another story. This piece of shit family is camped next door to me and every time […]

Hell Yea, Happy Memorial Day!

Daily Cheeks for May 27th

It’s Memorial Day! What that means is things are about to get real muthafuckin’ official. I’m talking about warm weather which brings all the lovely asses & tiddays out for everybody to enjoy. Be easy and eat good! track: Tyle, The Creator – Domo23

Wake The Fuck Up And Watch The Booty Be Televised

Wake The Fuck Up And Watch The Booty Be Televised

Hell of a week and it’s still in the beginning phases. I’m doing updates and reading about the Xbox One at the same. Yo, I like this photo. I’ve been looking at it for awhile. Sort of reminds me why I started House Of Cheeks. I wanted a place where I could look at banging black chicks and spanish chicks. Especially the dark sistas with the sweet juices and nice derriere. Enjoy the day and […]

Being The King Of Booty Is A State Of Mind

The Daily Cheeks Check for May 17th

It’s the end of week so keeping things in short form. There is a lot of working going on behind the scenes as we prep for version two of House Of Cheeks. Keep an eye out for that! Make sure to fuck with us on Facebook. Those likes numbers are starting to look real nice. Enjoy the weekend and be easy. track: French Montana – State Of Mind

International Reporter Of Extraordinaire Derriere, Is On The Scene

Daily Cheek Check for May 15th

What’s up and what it do fam. Your international reporter of extraordinaire derriere is working hard behind the scenes to drop version of two of this joint. I appreciate all the support and the people who check out HouseOfCheeks.com / KingOfBooty.com and Like us on Facebook! Be easy as the muthafuckin’ saga continues…. track: The Underachievers – Leopard Shepard

The Layover: Can It All Be So Simple With Precious Jewels

Daily Cheeks for May 13th

It’s the layover and it’s been one hell of a layover. I took a break from things to refocus where we’re taking this ship of derriere cargo. I realized that House Of Cheeks is still on version and has had the same look since 2010. Damn, have been blogging about ass & titties that long? hahaha. It’s time for a revision and that’s going to be going down this week. So be on the look […]