Hump Day Cheeks

Shay Moss Makes The Water Bubble On The Donk

They can go kick rocks with a wet t-shirt contest. Give me a chick with a big bubble, a long tee from the gas station and old school pump super soaker! You are checking out Shay Moss. And this pic alone deserves a Hump Day Cheek s/o. But you know I couldn’t do you like that! Flip the top and see Shay Moss certified donk on deck

Hump Day Cheeks: One For The Road Edition

What better way to describe Wednesday? It’s so nice, I’m going to look just a little bit longer…

Hump Day Cheeks From The Kitchen: Special Edition

Lately, I have been this thing about checking out thick sexy chicks in the kitchen. Good example… look at that photo above. You can’t say that sh*t don’t look sexy! Even if her ass doesn’t know how to cook, she looking certified trying! Hit the flip side for a lot of Special Edition kitchen thickness that’ll make you hungry son! Ladies if you got some nice cheeks send them to houseofcheeks[at]gmail[dot]com  

Hump Day Cheeks With Kristal Solis

I’m all for some brown pride, especially when the cheeks look like this! This is @KristalSolis, our hump day cheeks banger. She comes from Texas where you know it goes down! She’s done a few magazines: Lowrider, Show Mag, JET Beauty to name a few. On the b-side is Kristal Solis and that spicy spanish derriere

Hump Day Cheeks With Fantasy Logan

Back again with some Hump Day Cheeks for your week! This @FANTASYLOGAN, a sexy chocolate chick. With a Derriere like that, you already know it’s been in a few magazines. After the jump are some pics of Fantasy Logan and that camel hump

Hump Day Cheeks With Mileena Haye

You can already tell from this photo why @mileenahaze and that derrière is our Hump Day Cheeks choice! That’s some certified booty with some magazines titles. You one click away from enjoying Mileena Haye’s back arched and booty tooted up