MILFS On Deck Series: Soime Gato

Soime Gato is a sexy cubana who is part of Derick G’s M.I.L.F.S. series. This is her video and her story about the life of a model/mom chick. What you think, is she milf certified? See her stats card after the jump

Blac Chyna Chopping It Up In The 305

Check this interview with Blac Chyna and Chyna is some nice eye candy but real talk she needs to brush up on those interview skills. The one interesting thing was the question about WSHH. But I’m going to let you watch and find out what I’m talking about.

Sex Cameras & Hip Hop: Mistah Fab

Check the interview with the homie Mistah Fab and thick ass Erica R

Brian Pumper Put Lethal Lipps On Blast

All of this time I thought Brian ” Pumper was gonna keep quiet. Nope this cat put out a 9 min video clowning Lethal Lipps! One thing I will say about Pumper is dude has mad funny jokes! “She not Lethal Lipps, she’s horse face rhino mouth!” LMAO… But yo what’s up with Pumper sniffing ass? Since when did that become hot in the streets…..

Lethal Lipps Getting Grimey on Pumper [NSFW]

Damn what you know about that porn beef? Lethal Lipps talking grimey about giving Brian Pumper a pass in the streets! If Pumper don’t start responding to this I’m gonna start wondering whats up! But peep the video and the dumb booty Lethal Lipps got, makes no sense….

Gloria Velez Got Loose Lips

Gloria Velez is one of the original booty models. Now she on deck talking loose about a few people. She still looking nice, but that salt is sounding a little bitter. But she can still get it…POW!