House Of Cheeks Models Wanted: The House Special Exclusives

House of Cheeks is on the expansion and we’re looking for models in the South Florida area to join our House Special team by shooting exclusive videos like the one of above. We’re looking for sexy models and certified chicks to join the winners circle at the House of Cheeks. All videos will be shot by the talented team over at Kastromedia. Send your info to: contact[at]houseofcheeks[dot]com

PSA: Find Out If LulzSec Leaked Your Personal Date

LulzSec is the people who have been hacking goverment agencies and popular entertainment companies for the past 50 days. During that havoc they released a lot of peoples emails, logins, passwords ect. That means your information could be out there for somebody to steal. You can protect yourself by checking out Gizmodo easy database to check and see if you are on that list. If you are, you best change that password my friend. Real […]

Join The Team Of Derriere Connoisseurs

Had to share this photo I found in my travel today. It’s something about the lighting or the way the black string dives between her cheeks. I’m still looking for a few writers to join the team. Qualifications: 18+, knows how to write and search the web and most important being responsible. contact[at]houseofcheeks[dot]com

Show Your Support And Join Us On Facebook

We enjoy keeping the fam with a big booty and a smile daily like this big booty chick above. Now we’re asking you to show you support and join us on Facebook. Also we are in the process of expanding and looking for new writers. Plain and simple: must be 18+ and knows how to write and way around the internet. contact [at] houseofcheeks [dot] com

Rick Ross feat. Wale – Make It Rain Remix [Uncut]

Rick Ross and Wale just brought back some fond memories of  BET Uncut with this video!

Back To Work In The Dojo

We was down for a little bit with some tech difficulties. Thanks to the fam at Designer Packets we’re back up to bring you more of what you came for!