The I’Adore Derriere Collection: Sincere Sweetz

The I’Adore Derriere Collection: Sincere Sweetz

Here goes Sincere Sweetz and yo hella ass all day here. How can there be a stop sign in a picture with so much ass is a quagmire. But hey, flip to side-b and partake in the goodness of Sincere Sweetz

The House Of Cheeks Is Properly Lit

Prince Hall Freemasonry

You know I have to keep it on the level and let my light shine sometimes right! -PH F&AM

So Fresh, So Clean: The Detox, The Growth And The Cheeks

It feels good to be back after a nice break. Every couple of weeks I have to detox from the web and reset my mind. I don’t think it’s healthy to be “connected” all the time. In the next couple of days I’m going to post some info on how you can join the team here at House Of Cheeks. Also we’ve experienced some downtime recently due to some growing pains but we’re back on […]

Double Up On The Melanin Appreciation Bubbles

This picture really makes you appreciate all the beautiful healthy shades of black and brown that melanin produces. Fuck a tanning salon, I like my chicks to have that natural authentic flavor.

True Hollywood Stories: The True Reason The Dave Chappelle Show Ended?

Neal Brennan, one of the co-creators of the Dave Chappelle Show was on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and dropped some news on why the show ended. Fastforward to the 01:09:00 mark. He talks about Comedy Central, writing skits and what happened with season 3. If you have the time to listen to the show it is worth the listen. It sounds like Comedy Central f*cked the whole thing up, but I’ll let you draw […]

Bubbles Has A Playground That Lets You Swing On The Booty

I bet you didn’t even know Bubbles the sexy big booty model has dropped an actual book. The name of the book is “Playground” and you can pick that joint up at Amazon in print or the digital version. These are some promo pics for the book shot by the fam over at IEC studios. You already know Bubbles has the body on deck so hit the jump and get your booty review on