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1Up: Lovely Amazin Rocking Jordans And A Thong

Lovely Amazin has her booty and thighs toned and certified. Courtesy of the good peoples over at Inergee Studios

End The Weekend With A Nice Chocolatte

You know I had to hit you with some chocolatte before the weekend closed out.

The Layover: Enjoy Your Stay

It’s the layover. If you enjoying what we’re doing here at the House Of Cheeks then show your support and follow us on Twitter and hit the like button on Facebook. Be Easy and travel at light speed

Fresh Catch Of The Day: Derriere In The Stream

This 1up is brought to you by the book “Gone Fishin” by Walter Mosley. The more you read the more you know. The more you know the further you’ll go.

The Layover: Couch Surfing On The 360

It’s the layover and here goes a little something something to tie you over until the flight. Thanks for coming to the House Of Cheeks lounge where the chicks are certified, the faces are cute and every booty jiggles. Bookmark us and and tell a friend! I’ll be up front finishing up LA Noire on the 360.

Black is Beautiful In Noire

Black is beautiful. It comes in all the wonderful shades of brown but this 1up comes to you in black and white. Enjoy the natural hair, nice round breast and butter smooth sexy skin.