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Shades Of Appreciation Found In The Bathtub

There is a special appreciation for enjoying chicks with nice flavors of melanin in the bath.

Something Thick For Those Autumn Maneuvers

The autumn weather has touchdown here in Georgia and that means it’s time to keep my eyes on those nice thick chicks. Now the reason for that is simple, those juicy thick chicks can cook a good meal and usually can suck the chrome off a muffler a tip. That’s a winning combination for the autumn maneuvers my friends.

Big Girl Appreciation: Muffin Tops Are Welcomed

There is a thin line and a couple of snacks between being thick and just straight up fat chick. I see this pic and I’m not exactly sure which category she fits in. This broad is solid and┬ásurprisingly┬áno muffin top to squeeze on. I won’t lie, I would tap that big girl ass then send her waffle house with my order.

Melanin Appreciation: Chocolatte Goodness

There are so many shades to enjoy but one of my personal favorites has to be chocolatte sisters. Especially when the skin is all creamy smooth. The chick in this pic is a good example, she has nice perky booty with some cushion on it and some decent handfuls. Just look at how lovely those chocolatte cheeks look. The booty is just asking for the slap and no evidence will be left.

Smile These Cheeks Are For You

1up for the chicks who like a big booty and smile

Snubnosed Heater On Buttery Smooth Biscuits

1up for the cats who like a chick who not afraid to carry some heat and rock the natural hair.