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Amber Rose In A Tight Dress Makes The Booty So Nice

Amber Rose In A Tight Dress Makes The Booty So Nice

The thickness looks so damn nice on Amber Rose in a tight purple dress. Hit the jump to enjoy more curves and ass from Amber Rose

Amber Rose Thickness In A Skirt With A Side Of Cleavage

Amber Rose showing those thick thighs

Amber Rose is still on set filming a movie and what movie it must be. Because check her out in the short skirt just showing off those sexy thick thighs. And oh yea I know you peep the ample cleavage display. There is even more on the flip of that good stuff

Amber Rose In A Short Skirt With Extra Cleavage Is Hot

Amber Rose in a school girl skirt

Check out Amber Rose looking all thick and sexy in a school girl skirt. Here she is on the set of some movie showing off those thick thighs that were made for wrapping around hips. And I know you peep how those tits are overflowing out the top. Hit the jump and see more Amber Rose all thick for school

Amber Rose Extra Thick With Her Full Pillow Talk Cleavage

Amber Rose at the Billboard Awards thick in all white

Amber Rose is looking a little extra thick in all white while attending the Billboard Music Awards. But damn are those big tiddays of hers looking doft as they overflow from the top of her dress. Makes you want to rest your head a spell. But before you do that pop the top and see more shots of Amber Rose, big tiddays & extra thick

Amber Rose Has The Right Workout Booty Plan And Outfit

Amber Rose walking the dogs with the derriere snug in tights

Peep the bubble on Amber Rose as she does the power walk stride with her dogs in tow. I’m not sure what’s up with the head wrap but damn that ass is looking something serious. Just looking at it you know it jiggles crazy in any type of situation. See more Amber Rose keeping that booty tight on the flip

The Adventures Of Amber Rose’s Leather Booty And The Puffy Shirt

Yo, I see Amber Rose here and I’m conflicted. One one hand I see that ass looking lovely in those tight leather pants. But then I see that shirt. All I can think about is the “Puffy Shirt” episode from Seinfeld. I mean she hot and all, but… Why do famous wear weird shit? It’s some sort of S&M medieval pirate swag thing going on. I don’t like it, but that ass is talking to […]