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Booty Idiom

This should be the meaning of the idiom, on the fence.

Fresh Catch Of The Day: Redbone Booty

Fresh catch of the day comes courtesy of some redbone booty in a fishnet body suit. You see those thick ass thighs and big booty compressed in the fishnets? Damn, just beautiful for the connoisseur squeeze test. And that ass looks like it can take some abuse, I’m talking level7 booty slapping. Courtesy of Leroy’s Bait & Booty Shop

Definition Of A Redbone: The Lighter Degrees Of Thickness

In the south we call light skin chicks redbones. Not sure why but it’s something I’ve come to adopt along my travels here in Atlanta. Now I believe that name should apply the to only thick ass light skin chicks, usually found in the shake joint. A perfect example of a redbone is the chick in the pic above. Shit…. I just want to play the bongos on her booty and make it clap for […]

Chocolatte Pink Cookies Are A Favorite Delicacy Of Connoisseurs

A premium delicacy for any true connosseur is the chocolatte pink cookies. Packed full of goodness and soft as a twinkie. Some of the best places to find these snacks are at grocery stores, Walmart on a late night and shake joints.

It’s The Simple Pleasures Of Life

Can it all be so simple? It’s the small things in life that we need to remember. Like waking up in the morning and seeing a pretty brown skin chick with curves, naked and tattoos on her ass. – stay forever on the level and travel light…

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day from the House of Cheeks.