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Booty For Thoughts: Pool Hall

Best place to play pool is the strip club, hands down. What other place can you enjoy geometry and booty at the same time? Most of the time the chicks are bent over the table showing the cheeks so you can really grasp the circumference of it. Now regular pool halls have chicks too, but I prefer to them in a thong. It helps my game and concentration, real talk. – be easy and travel light

Sitting Low In The Cheeks

This is what you call keeping the booty at eye level. If you’re not careful that booty cleavage will get you hooked in some crazy daze. Trust me, it happened to me twice before I can post this for you. It’s beautiful isn’t it, just makes you want to smile.

So Fresh, So Clean: The Detox, The Growth And The Cheeks

It feels good to be back after a nice break. Every couple of weeks I have to detox from the web and reset my mind. I don’t think it’s healthy to be “connected” all the time. In the next couple of days I’m going to post some info on how you can join the team here at House Of Cheeks. Also we’ve experienced some downtime recently due to some growing pains but we’re back on […]

The Layover: Summer Of Arcade And Cheeks

It’s the layover and here’s something that might  help change the color on your mood ring. Now I can go hit the Summer of Arcade on the Xbox 360 and play From Dust.    

Full Stretch Under The Moon

No adjectives…. you know what time it is. 1up for the fam who likes a chick who can bend over and touch her toes.

The Reprise: The Morning Snacks Replay

One of the best mornings you can have is when a nice pair of cheeks are on the side of you and that morning sun is hitting it just right. That Starbucks and eggo waffles can wait… she can take the order after the replay.