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Late Nights With Ciara Is A Curvy Affair With Nice Cleavage

Late Nights With Ciara Is A Curvy Affair With Nice Cleavage

Press play and peep Ciara tease her curves in the kitchen and bedroom. The cleavage game looks wonderful fam.

Ciara Is Looking Damn Nice In A Tight Black Dress

Ciara in a sexy leather dress

Yo, Ciara is looking damn nice in a hella sexy tight black leather dress. Her legs are toned up and the booty curve is good. Hop on over to the other side and see more of how Ciara is rocking it.

Peep The Ass On Ciara In A Tight Black Dress

Ciara in a tight black dress in New York

Take a look at the ass on Ciara in that tight dress. It is looking damn good, just makes you want to hug up close next to it and give it a nice firm squeeze. And you know she’s taking good care of it with that tight body. Hit the jump and see more shots of Ciara and that sexy booty

Black Sheer Strikes Again To Show Ciara’s Nipples

Black Sheer Strikes Again To Show Ciara's Nipples

When a chick wants to show you some skin but still keep it legal they rock sheer type tops. And these shots of Ciara are a perfect example. You see those nipples? Yea they lopsided as hell but still very squeezable. Hit the jump and see Ciara showing her tiddays

Baywatch: Malibu Booty Ciara Hits The Beach

Ciara in Malibu rocking a bikini

Ciara was spotted in Malibu doing a music video shoot and damn take look at those legs. They are hella sexy and toned up. I likes a chick with long legs especially when they’re attached to a nice ass. Pop the top and see more of Ciara showing the goodies on the beach

Ciara Is Showing Off Her Sexy Legs In A Tight Dress

Ciara is showing off her sexy legs

Yo, you know who is looking hot right now? Ciara and her sexy legs in that dress, oh my. Those legs are the main reason I keep up with this chick and check her videos. Her tight fit body was made for grappling with in the bedroom and I bet the camel clutch is something crazy. Hit the flip side for more Ciara