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Ciara Has A New Look To Go With Those Curves And Cleavage

Ciara @ Valentino Rodeo Drive Flagship Opening

Ciara has a new look going on and she’s sharing it with some cleavage in a tight dress. Here she goes at some store opening but the main attracting is going to be those breasteses out talking to a cat. Also peep that booty curve in the back, it’s looking real nice. See more of Ciara’s new look on side-b

Ciara Hitting The Streets With Some Booty Jiggling To Share

Ciara leaving a Nail Salon in Hollywood

Damn, is that Ciara hitting the streets of Hollywood with the booty on jiggle? Hands down, seeing chicks in sweat pants and no panties is hella sexy! Most of the time you can tell by the way the booty is shaped and jiggles in motion and how the material shows the cheeks so nicely. And you know I have more shots of Ciara waiting after the jump

Ciara In Paris

Ciara is out in Paris for Fashion week and she is dressing real fancy with the back all out with the booty wrapped in leather. I’m going to give her a pass with that horse tail because that ass looks real nice and there is so side fat on that back. Hit the other side and see more Ciara being fancy in Paris. 

Ciara Has A Nip Slip At The Beach

Seems like Ciara had a bikini malfunction cause a smidget of nipple slip peeked out the top. Now this is great thing to happen but…. WTF is what that aerola? I’m gonna call a bad titty job, but I would still suck that crooked ass nipple all day fam and not blink twice. After checking that tiny slip-up hit the other side and see some more pics of Ciara in her tiny bikini

Ciara In Las Vegas Showing That Amazing Firm Body

Everytime I see Ciaria out in the streets she is on point. And this past weekend in Las Vegas was no exception. She was at Chateau Nightclub and Gardens at Paris doing her show and some hosting. Check out Ciara in some tight jeans and showing that nice firm body after the jump

Down In Miami Checking Ciara In A Bikini On The Beach

Ciara was in Miami this past weekend in a bikini and the body was looking real nice. You have to appreciate who can keep the body looking real tight and fit. Plus have you seen her legs… oh my, oh my! She could wrap those around the head anytime! Check the flip side and see more of Ciara and that amazing body in a bikini