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Natasha G Is A Cutie With A Nice Booty

Just looking at Natasha G’s cheeks can put you in a trance. She hella cute with a small frame but plush in all the areas that count. And the booty is looking soft at feather pillows. Pop the top and see more of Natasha G showing her cute bubble

Behind The Scenes Photoshoot With Cristina

Here goes a behind the scenes video from Cristina’s recent photoshoot. All I can say is this small chick has a lot of ass and she can make it pop… go push play my friend.

Amber Priddy Keeps Those Curves So Feathery Soft

Just looking at the view of Amber Priddy from the top down is a beautiful view. Everything is looking so buttery smooth and she can keep the feather boots on, lol. Let me hit you with Amber’s stats:  36DD-26-44. So you already know this chick is stacked. And for you cats looking for a date and on your A game she is single. When you hit the flip you going to see some pics of […]

Bokeh Lights Sparkle On Cristina’s Soft Derriere

This is a beautiful view if I must say so. The kind of view where you have a corona in your hand and some Zero7 –Simple Things album playing in the background and you just enjoy. Christina has a nice big round bubble on her small frame. And you can tell from the tattoos she knows how to shake it. After the jump are pics of Christina showing her derriere on plush

Enjoying The Ocean View Of Chyna White’s Sandy Brown Cheeks

This say you shouldn’t bring sand to the beach. But what happens when the sand is Chyna White? The homie MJ FLix over at Curve House hooked up this sexy photoshoot with Chyna. Her body is on point and I know you cats wouldn’t mind making a few sand castles on those cheeks. After the jump are some more pics of Chyna White playing in the sand with the bubble in the shade

Taking A Dip In Nefreteri’s Curves While Sipping Irish Cream

We starting another month and the homies over at Curve House have brought their springtime heat. Nefreteri is a bad irish chick with some sexy contours. The top picture is just crazy nice. I’m personally a fan of a nice pair of legs with some heels. And the booty is perky with some nice curves! Hit the flip and check out a gallery of Nefreteri and her banging contours