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Jenna Shea And Elke The Stallion Get Naked After Dark

Jenna Shea And Elke The Stallion Get Naked After Dark

It’s going down with two popular big booty chicks after dark and it’s all good. We talking about Jenna Shea and Elke the Stallion getting naked showing tiddays and shaking ass. It’s a wonderful time and you need to check these two freaks out.

The Thick Booty On Jenna Shea Is Popping In Colorful Neon

The Thick Booty On Jenna Shea Is Popping In Colorful Neon

Jenna Shea is on deck shaking ass and thighs in full neon view. Calling Jenna thick just might be an understatement because that booty doesn’t have that much bounce but damn does it look good and solid. It’s definitely the kind of ass that requires a firm slapping because a weak wrist cat might hurt themselves. Press play and catch Jenna Shea popping that ass on the couch for the home team.

Jenna Shea Has The Booty Oiled Up And Ready For the Bouncing

Jenna Shea oiling the booty up real good

You already know this video right here is banging. We have Jenna Shea on deck and she is shaking that ass and getting it all smooth and shiny with the baby oil. Press play and get hypnotized by all that booty bouncing on the screen.

Jenna Shea On Deck Making The Booty Clap


Press play and check out this video of Jenna Shea making that big ass clap and bounce to some Notorious B.I.G.  The way she makes that booty jiggle had me hit the repeat button a couple of times. Yo, she needs to do some videos naked so I can see how that thick ass is shaping up the proper way.

Jenna Shea’s Cheeks Are Packed Full Of Action

Well what do you say to something like this? Between the cliff hanging on the cheeks and the stockings this is a win all the way around. I like @iamjennashea cause unlike most of these model chicks, she not stingy with the banging pics. I’d have to give these cheeks a slap from the side to see the ripple effect! On the other side are some pics of Jenna Shea that will make you want […]

Thick Thighs & Big Behinds, Oh Damn: Jenna Shea

Jenna Shea knows she has some thick cheeks on her! This photo just makes you want to do a Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat, off the top ropes splash on the booty! @iamjennashea is one of those chicks who keep twitter interesting. Check the b-side for some thong swallowing pics of Jenna Shea