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Kelly Rowland Is In A Certified Sexy Dress For The Grammys

Kelly Rowland Is In A Certified Sexy Dress For The Grammys

Kelly Rowland hit up the Grammys in a banging dress showing just enough of the curves via sheer to keep you staring. She has come a long way and I’m digging the progression of her sexy. Now flip the post and see how Kelly Rowland does it on the red carpet.

Did You See Kelly Rowland’s Booty At The BET Honors 2012?

Kelly Rowland hit up the 2012 Bet Honors and her body was definitely on point that night. Laced in a sexy purple dress you can just how the derriere just pokes out that back so lovely. That looks like the kind of booty that jiggles with little effort when in a thong or naked. I might need to see some footage of her walking around. But for now peep these certified shots of Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Is Xtra Live At The Legs Show In The UK

What’s really going on in the UK? Kelly Rowland was over there for 1Xtra Live and she brought those smooth legs out for a real nice show. It’s a shame she doesn’t get as much love over here in the States, because I would truly enjoy watching her shimmy that ass across the stage in person in a skimpy outfit. For now just enjoy these shots of Kelly Rowland and those super smooth long legs

Kelly Rowland Showing That Pretty Brown In A Bikini

There is something real sexy about Kelly Rowland that you have to appreciate. Here she goes in Miami showing off that pretty brown while in a bikini. Kelly doesn’t have the widest of curves but she still on the can get it list. Check the other side for Ms. Rowland showing some skin on the beach

Kelly Rowland Comes Through Planet Hollywood In Short Shorts

Kelly Rowland brought her new album and sexy caramel skin to Planet Hollywood for some promo action. I can’t tell you if the album is worth the rotation, but I can say Kelly is looking official. I never noticed how nice and toned her legs are. Hit the other side and see pics of Kelly Rowland pushing that new album

Kelly Rowland’s Body Is On Point In New Photoshoot

Damn is that Kelly Rowland looking all brand new and on point? This is a hot photoshoot she did with Derek Blanks and you can see Kelly’s body is toned and certified. Even those breast and thighs are hot on Ms. Rowland. I guess she turned up the sexy since her new track is on heavy rotation. On the other side is more Kelly Rowland showing her sexy ass body