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Get Hypnotized By The Booty Shaking Talents Wankaego

There are shake dancers that can make the cheeks pop then there’s chicks like Wankaego [@wankaego] who take to the next level. She has that type of shake control that puts cats tunnel vision on the booty. Check this video and get hypnotized by all the action going Wankaego has in the back.

Kristal Solis Got Those Cheeks In A Slingshot

Kristal Solis on the beach is good, but when you put that booty in a slingshot bikini it’s a beautiful thing. This sexy pic is promo shot from her KristalSolis.com members section. Flip to the other side and catch some more hot pics of Kristal in the bikini

The MJ Flix Clientele Collection: Jasmine Cadavid

What you are witnessing right here are the thick sights of Jasmine Cadavid. This photo has to be one of the hottest Booty x Thigh ratio angles I have seen in a long time. Jasmine’s curves and cliff hanging action is looking real certified. Flip to the other side and catch some more shots of Jasmine Cadavid

Private Dances Shaking Off In Room 357 With Unique

This is Unique and she is in the hotel for a private shake dance video. Now this chick has enough booty to feed the needy, the only thing the ratios of proportions are a bit off. The booty shaking skills of Unique are bongo, bouncing to the beat nice. Peep the video and see what Unique is working with.

The MJ Flix Clientele Collection: Ayisha Diaz

I was in the digging through the crates and ran across Ayisha Diaz a certified bad chick. The reason she caught my eye was because how beautiful that booty looked stuffed in some black stockings. The way Ayisha’s skin matches all the flavors of wood is sexy. Flip to side-b and see whole lot more of Ayisha Diaz

Lourdes Brings The Element Of Curves To The House

Loudres is certified thick and the latest to visit the Curve House for a fresh photoshoot. You can already tell she has all the right assets and curves on lock. If you enjoying that booty cleavage then you have to hit the flip side and see what else Lourdes has on deck