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Platinum Dior: Pure Uncut Booty On Duty

Platinum Dior Uncut

You ready for some uncut maneuvers? We have Platinum Dior on deck and you should already know she got that big ole ass that was made for shaking and slapping. On the uncut side of things it gets freaky with a lot more to show. Platinum Dior uncut booty is waiting fam

Platinum Dior: The Derriere Overdose Edition

Platinum Dior [@MZPLATINUM77] has been on the derriere radar for some time now and I’m glad to report we have the overdose for you. I dug through the crates to bring you the booty that we all enjoy. These shots are hella nice. And oh yea wait to you peep the pic with the¬†banana¬†and honey… It’s the Platinum Dior derriere overdose and your fix is after the jump

Platinum Dior In The Hotel Naked Getting Real Freaky And Dirty

The last time we saw Platnium Dior she was getting loose and we found out she had her asshole pierced. This time she moved things to the hotel where she all the way live. We talking booty naked with the chocolate lips dripping literally. There is a lot of ass and titties to be enjoyed in this video. On a sidenote the booty x thigh ratio needs some work. Them thighs a tad bit too […]

Platinum Dior Has The Booty Clapping Game On Lock In St. Louis

Platinum Dior [@MZPLATINUM77] is starting the week off proper with so much booty you might get lost with out directions. Coming St. Louis this chick shaking asson rooftops with the Cardinals stadium in the back. Shit gets real nice when that ass get the talking. I wish they mute the music so we could hear that clapping sound. I’m giving this video a 9 out of 10. This joint is official and is that a […]