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Serena Williams Is The Booty In The Red Dress

Serena Williams hit up the 25th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards in a tight red dress. And you already know that fit tennis booty was busting out the back something serious. Yooo, she has some big ass arms, but I bet grappling with this chick would be hella fun. Check more of Serena Williams showing off her fit body and plump derriere after the jump

Serena Williams Extra Fit And Alright For HALO Awards

Serena Williams hit up the TeenNick Halo awards and this is one of her average looks. Would I tap that ass? Yes, but I’m going to need her to rock a different wig. I wonder if she has any panties on under that dress. Check the jump and find more Serena Williams extra fit body 

Serena and Venus Cover The Hamptons With A Side Of Thickness

Check out Venus and Serena celebrating their cover of Hamptons Magazine in new York. Serena has the body suit on the booty is ka-pow-ya out the back with that just a jiggling look. Then there is Venus… I would smash but why her forhead so big? She looks like a damn klingon. Flip to the other side and see more of these sisters especially Serena’s thick ass 

Serena Williams On The Beach Showcasing That Amazonian Thickness

Who would have known that playing tennis can have a chick looking like Serena. She was spotted on the back showing off that chocolate goodness again. There is just something amazonian about this chick and I can bet grappling with that ass would be better than mma lesson. After the jump are more pics of Serena Williams on the beach in her two piece and fluffy biscuits

Serena Williams Busting Out The Frame At The Espy Awards

Serena Williams came to the Espy looking like a healthy bottle of Pepto. The dress she was wearing was hella tight and had that big ole booty and tits busting out that frame. This chick is usually rocking some weird looking shit, but I have to say each time she is out the ass makes a grande apperance. Hit the flip side and see more Serena Williams showing all that muscular thickness

Serena Williams At Burberry Party In A Tight Dress

Serena Williams might be thicker than a mofo but  her face was jacked for a Burberry event. This chick has on way too much makeup, she looks like a goblin. I’ll never understand why black chicks mess they face up with makeup. If it wasn’t for that tight ass dress, Serena was wearing her card might have got revoked. But she did wear that dress so hit the other side and see that ass