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Magic City: Shake Joints Certified Cheeks Of The Week

It’s time for another Magic City check-in and this week action packed full of sexy strippers with ass to slap. There is a lot of pics of Magic City’s finest on deck waiting after the jump.

Make It Rain Tour: Slippery When Wet Interlude, Sinna & Vida

Now this is what I like to see from the Make It Rain Tour [@MakeltRainTour]. A hella sexy interlude video with Sinna [@4chvl] and Vida [@OfficialVida] in the private room shake dancing so nice it’ll put a smile on your face. And my personal favorite a shower scene with booty pressed against the glass. Oh yea did I mention the ass? The derriere bouncing in this video is certified and deserves to be smacked. I’m […]

Make It Rain Tour Dropping A Reality Show On That Ass

I don’t like reality shows, but I dam sure would watch one about shake dancers. That’s why you know I was stoked when I found this commercial for the Make It Rain Tour reality show. The show consist of Spyda, Magic, Secret Moneii, Vida and Sinna. Cameras following all that booty around, sounds like a winning formula. Now let’s just hope these people actually make this show and not bullshitting with our emotions.

Bambi’s Thick Ass On Deck Making The Booty Clap And Shake

Bambi [@BamBambi202] is starts this video off the most proper of ways. She jumping making the booty cheeks collide for that lovely clapping sound. Then starts the video full of shake dance moves and thick thighs in fishnets. The booty tricks make you want to lay your head and get rocked to sleep. After playing this fresh video check out some of her twitter pics!

Platinum Dior In The Hotel Naked Getting Real Freaky And Dirty

The last time we saw Platnium Dior she was getting loose and we found out she had her asshole pierced. This time she moved things to the hotel where she all the way live. We talking booty naked with the chocolate lips dripping literally. There is a lot of ass and titties to be enjoyed in this video. On a sidenote the booty x thigh ratio needs some work. Them thighs a tad bit too […]

Magic City: Shake Joints Certified Cheeks Of The Week

When it comes to the shake joints, Magic City [@MagicCityAtl] in Atlanta has to be one of the most infamous. They have some bad ass chicks who know how to pop it and do pole tricks. I’m going to try to bring the best of week from Magic City to your screen and that shit starts now son! Flip to the other side and get the overdose on pics of shake dancers from Magic City […]