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Get A Lil Wet Washing Secret Moneii Clean In The Shower

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little wet especially when you cleaning Secret Monei [@Secret215]. As soon as I saw these pics I knew they were right for the Hump Day Cheeks. This chick is thick with a certified waist  x booty x thigh ratio. Pop the top and see why I want to fingerpaint the booty and back of Secret Moneii

“See It From The Front” BamBino Is Next On Deck From D.C.

We have Bambi [@BamBambi202] on deck from D.C. and she holding the Chocolate City down with something real special and soft. You should already know I’m talking about that big, grade-A booty this chick is holding. Pop the top and get your mind blown by all that ass Bambino has shaking 

Live In The DJ Booth: Pebbles [Strokers Strip Club]

I can think of a few ways to start a weekend, and going to the shake joint is always a good one. Straight from the DJ Booth of Strokers Entertainment club in Atlanta we have Pebbles [@pebblypooky]. Press play and see Pebbles put some work in with those shake dance skills.

Live In The DJ Booth: Amilleyon [Strokers Strip Club]

Live from the Strokers strip club DJ booth with Ammileyon [@1amilleyonmora] and you already know video is something serious. Push play and get hypnotized by the smooth vibrations on the back of Amilleyon then hit her on twitter. You’re gonna want to replay this a couple times

MsMVP and Brandi Nacole On Duty All The Way Live Naked

Double the thickness is better the pleasure especially when you experiencing the booty of MsMVP [@_MsMVP_] and Brandi Nacole [@brandinacole]! It’s going down on this video, it felt like I was at the shake joint. These chicks getting all the way live, from spread eagle to bongo booty shaking oiled up. Check the video, then follow MsMVP and Brandi Nacole on twitter.

Gucci Mane – Too Turnt Up [King Of Diamonds Video Version]

Check this music video “Too Turnt up” from Gucci Mane shot at King of Diamonds strip club in Miami. There’s a lot of shake dancing and broads scrapping in the boxing ring.