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Sweet Lea Lea Busting The Booty Wide Open And Seducing In Lo-Fi

Sweet Lea Lea Busting The Booty Wide Open And Seducing In Lo-Fi

We back again with more Sweet Lea Lea and this time she busting it open in this video something serious. First thing I have to say is damn this chick has a nice pair of tiddays. I wouldn’t mind doing some doughnuts on those aerolas yo. The video itself is weak sauce. The story plot was hella lame, why the fuck is there dudes in a video about ass…? This video is alright, the quality […]

Sweet Lea Lea In The Shake Joint Doing Splits And Making The Booty Clap


Peep this video of Sweet Lea Lea in the shake joint giving personal lap dances and working the stage. The booty on this chick might be faker than a three dollar bill but damn watching her pop it is definitely nice. Press play and see Sweet Lea Lea put that booty in motion.

Dancer Tryouts Edition: SweetLeaLea Perculating The Booty


They call it a tryout, I say it deserves to be a main event. Press play and peep SweetLeaLea [@SweetleaLea] put that work in on the booty. Shit, the ass control in this video surprised the hell out of me with the way it was perculating. And yes fam, she gets butt ass naked in this joint. Though I’m not sure why they blur it sometimes. What does it take to have Secret Moneii and […]