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Behind The Scenes Video Of Trina On The Pole In Red Bottoms

I’ve been wanting to slap Trina’s ass since that First Trick Daddy video. And now look at her, mad years later and I still want to slap that juicy booty. This a behind the scenes video for her new track Red Bottoms. The beginning shows some decent pole action. Sidenote – mad nice to see them using RED cameras to record the video

Behind The Scenes: Trina – Hit It Right

Trina was recently on set recording her latest video, “HIt It Right”. When you check this video out and see Trina in those tiny gold shorts with the booty blowed out in the back you might do some pausing and rewinding. Even the backup chicks are on point, check the video. I recommend on mute and enjoy the scenery

Trina Keeps It Sexy & Gutter… With Thighs

Trina got those legs out looking real tender and nice! This photo is off her mixtape ‘Save The Best 4 Last’.  On the b-side is another pic of Trina showing off those smooth sexy thick thighs!

Trina Straps The Booty Up For Easy Impact

Damn, Damn, Damn! Look at the ass in that dress!  I bet this how strippers during the time of pyramids dressed. This is Trina during Super Bowl; rocking this crazy booty strap dress. I don’t understand why everybody in the front when the main even is obviously jumping off in the back! I know you want to check some more angles of Trina with the booty mummy dress on, so hit the jump

Trina Was Thick In All Black For Her Birthday

Trina looking real thick and nice in this pic! Like I’ve said before, it’s just something hot about a chick in stockings and heels!!! This is from her birthday @ LIV in Miami. And you know we got some more pics of Trina on deck

Lola Monroe ft. Trina – Overtime

This video really has that 90’s vibe to it. I notice there wasn’t as much focus on Lola Monroe’s booty. If that’s what made you hot, why deny it? I dig the crossover, but we need to see some ass too! Oh yea, Trina rode the hell out that beat!